How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

Learn about basin configurations, sink shapes, materials and even accessories and specialty sinks...

I had NO IDEA that so many decisions would be made in just a month of our remodel...but blessed to know that from the kitchen sink to the can gut a house and have (almost) move-in ready in 5 weeks.  Let's start with the KITCHEN SINK.

Few features in the home are used as often as the kitchen sink. And what other home item performs as many different tasks? It could be argued that the selection of a sink is one of the most important kitchen choices you will make — and it’s a decision that will affect your daily life for many years to come. 

How Many Basins Should Your Kitchen Sink Have, and in What Configuration?

1. A large, single kitchen sink.

2. Two basins of differing sizes (a 60/40 or offset sink).

3. Two basins of equal sizes (a 50/50 sink).

4. Three basins (two large ones and one small one with a garbage disposal).

Choosing the Shape of Your Sink

1. Farmhouse sink.  (aka Apron sink)

2. Double farmhouse sink.

3. A sink with rounded sides.

4. A sink with a built-in drainboard.

Choosing a Sink Material

1. Stainless steel sinks.

2. Porcelain sinks.

3. Granite composite sinks.

4. Natural stone sinks.

How To Choose a Kitchen Sink  (Click "Kitchen Sink" for more details and pros and cons.)

Credits to Mary Jo Bowling Houzz Contributor; writer, reader, serial remodeler.